About Us

verb ​ /tʃɑːnt/
to repeat or sing a word or phrase continuously:
to sing a religious prayer or song to a simple tune.

Wild mothers,
Fire sisters, 
Peace keepers, 
Shape shifters, 
Moon gazers, 
Truth seekers,
Maiden, mother, crone,
Welcome one, welcome all. 


My name is Helen and I'm the creator of Chant Malas, an ethically-run company based in Hove, UK.

My Story:

I began creating mala beads in 2014, around the birth of my first child, when I become more immersed in my own japa meditation practice as I prepared for my first birthing experience.  I am an English teacher by day, a trained 200hr yoga teacher, Crystal Healer and mother to my two small humans.

My Aim:

I know firsthand the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and the use of a mala to help settle the mind in readiness for deeper meditation (and consequently a happier existence!), and my aim is to pass this on in an accessible way.  No faff, no hype, just high quality, consciously-crafted beads made with your meditation practice in mind.  

I aim to cater to all budgets in order to ensure that anyone that wants one, is able to own one of these sacred tools.

My Process:

Chant Malas are created to tell a story, whether that be the story of a Goddess, the story of a journey, or the story of an individual.  I begin with an intention, use this intention to guide my choice of stones, and then allow the design to emerge from there.  I use only natural stones and/or seeds that have undergone only mechanical treatment, so no dyes and no heating.  All Chant Malas are sustainably- and ethically-sourced, vegan and contain no animal products or residues.  All crystals listed in my shop are socially-conscious and conflict-free and I only work with suppliers that have this at the heart of their trade.  I do the worrying so that you don't have to

I am inspired by nature, the Goddess/SHE in all her forms, my children, words, the elements and, of course, the moon.


I love people, and I love nature.  I believe that every action has a consequence, that we are all connected as one and that we must live as a member of a loving world, helping in some way to create this every day.  As a result, I choose a Charity of the Quarter to donate 10% of my profits to every three months.  Last quarter, my chosen charity was Ourmala, a charity supporting female refugees and asylum-seekers in creating a new life in the UK.  Please see my Charity of the Month page for more information.  Most recently, I contributed to the Teen Yoga Foundation's Sierra Leone fund on behalf of Chant Malas.

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